Sector Development

Sector Development is a Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration push to conduct regional planning and develop sector strategies for the locally identified significant economic sectors nationally. These strategies will be developed to provide activities focusing public and private regional resources to in-demand talent pipelines that result in stronger economic development within each sector of the economy resulting in opportunities in employment within in-demand occupations identified using available labor market data.

The objectives of developing sector-specific strategies locally in Snohomish County are to identify the business needs within the local target sectors in regards to their workforce; to align the local training, public, and community resources to address these identified business workforce needs; identify fields of steady career progression to the local populace to create sustainable employment pipelines into livable wage opportunities within the local sectors.

The objectives will result in the investment in a higher skilled local workforce and lead to advancement of the international competitiveness of the local workforce, culminating in the continued elevating of the economic advantage of conducting and operating businesses within Snohomish County.