General Program Management  Policies and procedures
Memorandum #04-15

To: All Subrecipients

Subject: Equipment Management

Effective Date: April 1, 2005

A.    Background

In conformance with Washington State Policy Number 3452, Property Management and Inventory, for Title I-B of the Workforce Investment Act, the Snohomish County Workforce Development Council ( WDC ) has developed this policy and these procedures for acquisition, management, and inventory of equipment.


Equipment : Tangible, non-expendable personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of more than $5,000 and small and attractive items as defined below.

Small and Attractive Items : Tangible, personal property with an acquisition cost of $300 or more but less than $5,000 in the following categories:

  • Communications equipment
  • Public safety audio and video
  • Optical devises
  • Cameras and photographic projection equipment
  • Microcomputer systems
  • Laptop and notebook computers
  • Other information accessorial equipment and components
  • Office equipment
  • Record players
  • Radios
  • Television sets
  • Tape recorders
  • VCRs Video cameras

Supplies : All tangible, personal property not classified as equipment

Fixed Assets : Assets (normally tangible but including several intangibles) acquired through donation, gift, purchase, capital lease, or self construction with a life expectancy of more than one year.


Each subrecipient is responsible for ensuring the management of all equipment obtained using WDC funding including WIA funds and Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) funds.


Equipment Management and Inventory

  1. Subrecipients will provide the Inventory Manager at the WDC with the following information for equipment purchased with WIA funds on the ACQUISTION OF EQUIPMENT form:

•  An item description;

•  The serial and model number or other identification number;

•  The source of property, including grant or agreement number;

•  Acquisition date and cost; and

•  Location, use, condition, and date the information was reported.

  1. A copy of all ACQUISTION OF EQUIPMENT forms submitted and an inventory of equipment must be maintained on file and available for review. In addition, all subrecipients must:
  • Keep equipment in good condition;
  • Tag all property purchased with WDC funds (including WIA tags, as appropriate);
  • Inform the WDC of subrecipient's intent to dispose of the equipment in writing utilizing the procedures below; and
  • Retain all records for three years after disposal of equipment.
  1. Conduct an annual physical asset inventory and reconcile the results including existence, current use, and continued need for property.
  2. Subrecipients will provide the Inventory Manager at the WDC with the following information when WIA tagged equipment is moved from one site to another on theTRANSFER OF EQUIPMENT form:
  • WDC and WIA property tag number
  • Property description
  • Serial number
  • Current Value
  • Condition of property


Each subrecipient will inform the WDC of any property that will no longer be used by the subrecipient by providing the WDC Inventory Manager with the following information in the attached REQUEST FOR DISPOSITION form:

  • WDC and WIA property tag number;
  • Property description;
  • Serial number;
  • Quantity;
  • Current value;
  • Condition of property; and
  • Date of disposal.

No property may be disposed of without the express approval of the WDC in response to theREQUEST FOR DISPOSITION form submitted.