Request for Proposal Business Solutions

The Business Solutions RFP is seeking a locally connected Business Solutions bid from either a single bidder or a consortium. Bidders may submit for all or partial funding for this RFP.

The successful bidder(s) for the Business Solutions RFP will demonstrate: customer-centered services; ability and staff knowledge to be a solution to the hiring and retention needs of local businesses; flexibility of services and duties; local business connections; and the ability to lead Rapid Response activities in Snohomish County under the direction of Workforce Snohomish.

Please review the full request documentation linked below for more details.


Date Activity Other Detail
4/06/2016 Request for Proposal Released N/A
4/12/2016 Bidder’s Conference 2pm
Workforce Snohomish Board Room
5/27/2016 Request for Proposal Responses due to Workforce Snohomish No later than 5pm
6/8/2016-6/10/2016 Presentations by bidders TBD
5/30/2016-6/15/2016 Responses and Presentations are rated by Review Committee N/A
6/21/2016 Review Committee meets to make final recommendations 5pm
6/28/2016 Recommended bids are forwarded for approval Board Meeting

Questions are considered public information and will be posted, in their entirety, on the Workforce Snohomish website with answers within 48 business hours of receipt. Questions will be accepted by e-mail only, and only until 5 p.m. on May 26th. Questions submitted in alternate formats, including phone calls to Workforce Snohomish staff or Board Members, or after that date will not be answered. All questions should be submitted to Workforce Snohomish at