Workshop Based Intensive Services
Request for Proposal

Workforce Snohomish relies on skilled service providers for intensive services to support our efforts and is seeking to build our list of resources in that area.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for providers who can deliver workshop based intensive services to customers enrolled in programs such as Workforce Investment Act, National Emergency Grant, private foundation funding and other sources.  Workshop services will be delivered in WorkSource Centers or at other intensive service provider locations.  Workshops will vary in duration.  Workforce Snohomish is seeking proposals which range from two hours to multiple days.  Workforce Snohomish is currently targeting the following focus groups for services:

  1. Long Term Unemployed
    1. Those with exhausted unemployment insurance or are within either weeks of exhausting Unemployment Compensation or can otherwise show that they had attachment to the workforce and have been unemployed for at least 27 weeks. Snohomish County currently has over 10,000 residents who qualify in this category.
  2. Current military and veterans
    1. Snohomish County currently has over 2,311 unemployed veterans some who also qualify as long term unemployed.
  3. Youth
    1. Snohomish County has over 84,370 individuals aged 16-24 who have a collective unemployment rate of 16.7%.
  4. Other
    1. Bidders may propose to focus services on other groups such as families and individuals experiencing homelessness, military spouses/partners, other low-income persons and former offenders.

Workforce Snohomish seeks providers who can provide complementary services to 1:1 case managed and career coach customers.  

Please see the attachment for more details and application procedures.

Questions are considered public information and will be posted, in their entirety, on the Workforce Snohomish website with answers within 48 business hours of receipt. Questions will be accepted by e-mail only.  Questions submitted in alternate formats, including phone calls to Workforce Snohomish staff or Board Members or after that date, will not be answered. All questions should be submitted electronically