Workforce Investment Act Policy Revisions
Request for Proposal

Workforce Snohomish is seeking skilled providers in the areas of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) policy and compliance to develop policy revisions to current WIA policies.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for experts who can work with local staff to revise and update existing policies to ensure compliance with United States Department of Labor regulations, Washington State Employment Security regulations and best practices. Each policy will be updated to include specific federal and state citations. This may also include updating of specific forms as cited within the policy, for example, work experience forms. In order of priority those policies which are in the first tier for revision include:

  • Youth Eligibility
  • Dislocated Worker Eligibility
  • Adult Eligibility Work Experience
  • Youth Assessment
  • Adult and Dislocated Worker Individual Employment Plan
  • Youth On-the-Job Training
  • Adult and Dislocated Worker On-the-Job Training
  • Youth Incentive Awards

Please see the document below for more details and application procedures. Questions are considered public information and will be posted, in their entirety, on the Workforce Snohomish website with answers within 48 business hours of receipt. Questions will be accepted by e-mail only. Questions submitted in alternate formats, including phone calls to Workforce Snohomish staff or Board Members or after that date, will not be answered. All questions should be submitted electronically to