Request for Proposal - Career Connect Washington

Workforce Snohomish is seeking proposals from a service provider or consortium of service providers to work across platforms, silos, and cross-functionally throughout Snohomish County in order to connect youth and adults to meaningful Career Connected Learning opportunities.

The successful bidder will build Apprenticeship and Career Connected Learning pathways and provide direct services to WIOA eligible Adults (as defined below) and WIOA eligible Youth (75% Out-of-School/25% In-School, as defined below). The successful bidder will also work as a catalyst to create and expand apprenticeship slots, youth internship opportunities, and youth pre-apprenticeship access across Snohomish County. The successful bidder will gracefully traverse the many different existing programs, services, providers, and stakeholders to help build the groundwork for more cohesive and synergetic offerings and pathways throughout the County for both Youth and Adults.


Request for Proposals released
Request for Proposal Responses due to Workforce Snohomish
No later than 2:00 PM
4/9/18 – 4/12/18
Presentations by bidders
Review Committee meets to make final recommendations
Recommended bids are forwarded for Workforce Snohomish Board approval
Board Meeting

Questions are considered public information and will be posted, in their entirety, on the Workforce Snohomish website with answers within 48 business hours of receipt. Questions will be accepted by e-mail only. Workforce Snohomish cannot guarantee questions asked within 24 hours of response due date will be answered in time. Questions submitted in alternate formats, including phone calls to Workforce Snohomish staff or Board Members will not be answered. All questions should be submitted to Workforce Snohomish at